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Apply for your Membership and Certification

Any Company Interested In Certifying The BASC Security And Control Management System (SCMS) , Through The Implementation Of The Norm And Standards BASC USA, Should Follow The Procedure That Is Detailed Below:

Applicant Company

Applicant Company

1. Submission of documentation.
2. Legal Review.
3. Comitê of Certifications.
4. Signature of Documents.

Company in Process of Certification

Company in Process of Certification

1. Standard Shipment and Standards.
2. Initial Registration.
3. Specialized Training.
4. Training of Internal Auditors.
5. Miscellaneous Courses

Certified company

Certified company

1. Certification audit.
2. Recertification.

Postulate Company

An applicant company is the company that applies for affiliation with BASC USA, for which it must submit a series of documents, which are reviewed by a Certification Committee that meets once (01) each month. This Committee is the only body in charge of approving or disapproving the entry of the applicant companies.

If the applicant company is approved by the Certification Committee, it is notified by means of a welcome letter to initiate the BASC Certification Process, within a period no longer than 20 business days (after the Certification Committee has been completed).

The documents that must be presented by the applicant company are:

1. Simple letter, subscribed by the legal representative of the organization, requesting participation in the BASC system, indicating which scope you want for the certification and which premises you want to certify - letter model.

2. Send REGISTRATION FORMAT detailing all the information requested. Once the documentation is sent to the email of operations.bascusa@wbasco.org, you will be sent an email with the remains of the steps to complete the applicant process.

Company in Certification Process

Once the welcome letter is received to initiate the BASC Certification Process, the company is considered a "Company in Process", and has a maximum period of nine (09) months to implement the SGCS BASC and submit to the certification audit BASC.

Within the implementation period the company receives the initial visit, or also called "Initial Registration (pre-audit)" whose purpose is to evaluate the gaps that exist with the Management System in Control and Security (SGCS) BASC in the company in process. As a result of the initial registration, the company will receive a report on the compliance status of the SGCS BASC.

The company in process could follow the specialized training offered by the BASC USA Chapter, except for the following courses "Interpretation of the Standard" and "Internal Auditor" which can be taken after the initial Registration.

For more information, please contact: BASC USA at email: operations.bascusa@wbasco.org

NOTE: The implementation period of the SGCS BASC will be nine (09) months counted from the date on which the company receives the acceptance letter from the Committee.


Certified Company

Upon completion of the nine (09) month maximum term, the BASC USA Chapter will schedule the date of the certification audit through formal communication, which will be subject to the availability of the BASC auditing team. This audit is carried out in order to verify the implementation of the SGCS BASC.

If there is no certificate within nine (09) months, the company may request, supporting the reasons, an extension of up to three (03) additional months for a single time. If these deadlines are not met, the company must restart the process with a new membership application.

For more information, please contact: BASC USA at email: operations.bascusa@wbasco.org

NOTE: The validity of the BASC Certificate is 01 year.


Recertified Company

After the first year of certification, in order to verify the maintenance and improvement of the SGCS BASC, annual recertification audits will be carried out, which will be duly communicated (three months in advance) by the operations area of the BASC USA chapter.

For more information, please contact: BASC USA at email: operations.bascusa@wbasco.org

The Companies Interested in Certifying in BASC can Request their Membership and Certification through the different BASC Chapters present in 12 Countries. In the case there is not BASC Chapter in the country, the parent Company can be Certified Members through WBO.
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