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Benefits of BASC Certification

Once the certification is obtained, the companies acquire a series of benefits and tools that will allow them to strengthen their processes and their relationship with the interested parties.


Customer Level

  • aApproach with clients seeking to establish business relationships with secure companies.
  • aBrand consolidation in your business relationships.
  • aIncreased confidence of customers and suppliers as a result of the implementation of the Control and Security Management System (SGCS) BASC.

Customs Level

  • aThe BASC certification constitutes a platform for the implementation of the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).
  • aApproval of the Standards of the C-TPAT program of the Customs of the United States of America.

Organization Level

  • aOptimization of the control and traceability of the Logistica chain with the consequent benefits that this entails in the event of the discovery of undesirable illicit acts.
  • aReduction of costs and risks derived from process control.
  • aImprovement of risk profiles through the identification and management of risks, which increases the security of their processes.
  • aTimely response to an unlawful finding.
  • aImplementation of simplified processes that increase their competitiveness.
  • a Greater commitment and awareness of the staff with the company.