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About Us


BASC USA is the United States of America World BASC Organization chapter. WBO, founded in 2013, has the purpose of promoting safe practices and simplify supply chain mechanisms in the United States’ foreign trade; cooperating with public, private and international organisms authorities.

The BASC USA national level activities include various prevention actions aimed at companies’ personnel, a task for which it has the support of various public institutions and international organizations; including the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP).

More About WBO



BASC was created in 1996 by the U.S Customs Service as a customs and business anti-smuggling coalition, , following a proposal presented to the Commissioner of Customs of the United States of America by a U.S. based company. The goal was to protect the U.S. border by enlisting business in the fight to keep drugs and illicit goods from entering the U.S. inside containers, truck, ships and aircraft; as well as to complement and strengthen the Carrier Initiative Program (CIP) and Land Border Initiative Program (LBCIP), based on the principal of encouraging business to adopt on a voluntary basis preventative measure to protect their supply chains from the point of foreign origin to the U.S. destination.

That same year, a company located in Colombia contacted U.S Customs to participate in the program and at that time became the first organization in South America to implement the BASC program. For this reason, in 1997, it was selected by U.S the Customs, as pilot plan.

With the support of U.S Customs, we were able to promote and convert the success of this first endeavor, and thanks to the trust of business leaders who believed in this initiative, the support from the regional Government, customs and authorities, the program expanded quickly through Latin America.

Considering this great expansion and the need to have an international body to ensure compliance and credibility of the program at a global level, in 2002, WORLD BASC ORGANIZATION – WBO, was incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware, as a non-profit organization, whose mission was to generate a secure culture in the supply chain, by implementing management systems and procedures applicable to the international commerce and related sectors. The BASC initiative is a reflection of the commitment of the companies to improve their conditions; also, it contributes to discourage activities that are harmful to the economic, fiscal and commercial interests of the countries that are members of the Organization.

Our Vision


BASC USA, foreign commerce security prevention and manage leader.

Our Mission


In the year 2018, the World BASC Organization is an international reference on secure commerce,, thanks to the trust of its associate members and strategic alliances established, towards a sustainable secure trade for the benefit of society.

General Scope

To promote international secure commerce.

Specific Scopes

  • aTo promote a culture of security and protection in foreign trade against the risks of drug trafficking, terrorism, money laundering, contraband, internal conspiracies and other illicit activities.
  • aEstablish and manage the Management System in Control and Security (SGCS) BASC, in the international supply chain.
  • aRaise awareness among associates to prevent and prevent their products and / or services from being used for illicit purposes.
  • aSimplify the processes and operations of the supply chain.
  • aWork in coordination with the private sector and local authorities, governments and international organizations to promote safe international trade.
  • aPromote institutional interest strategic alliances
  • aBuild trust and credibility between companies and governments.
  • aEncourage cooperation between the private sector and the government.
  • aBe the reference in security in the supply chain of foreign trade.

Corporate Values

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Start of BASC Program

7 companies, 1 marine terminal


Implementation pilot Plan in South America

Chapter Initiation.


Official signature of the Constitution chapter BASC Cartagena with Governments and authorities

1999 - 2000

South America chapters expansion


1° World Congress BASC

Signing of the first international agreement to reunion several countries and authorities


Official Constitution of WBO

1° Strategic Planning and World Summit BASC

2003 - 2004

Period of expansion of agreements, expansion of countries and internal strengthening

Second strategic planning WBO


New corporate image WBO

BASC as Platform for Framework of Standard


BASC Standards Version 3- 2008

Adoption of the Minimum Safety Requirements C-TPAT

2009 - 2010

Pilot Plan for the implementation of the SAFE Standards Framework of the WCO - Authorized Economic Operator

"BASC, its Platform for the OAS."


CPB AND World BASC Organization Sign Joint Agreement ratifying the ties of cooperation


BASC Standard and Standards, Version 4 - 2012


Update and Reform of Statutes of the World BASC Organization


Establishment Headquarters of the World BASC Organization in Florida


New BASC International Norm and Security Standards Version 5-2017